Features Individualized Learning

Data-Driven Instruction

How do you find the time to give struggling students the attention they need to keep pace? Classworks Individualized Learning Paths (ILP) streamline the instructional process by automatically assigning targeted instruction for each student based on individual test results. Adjust and modify assignments for any student or adjust the speed at which the student progresses, all with just a few clicks.

Catch Up. Keep Up. Get Ahead.

Classworks diagnoses, prescribes and implements a customized assignment for each student. This ensures that students progress at their ideal rate using the learning style that works best for them.

Students at all ability levels have the same opportunity to succeed! 

  • Students who need remedial work and assistance get that help automatically.
  • Students who demonstrate proficiency can automatically move ahead at their own speed.
  • No “one size fits all” instruction. 

How Does the Classworks Individualized Learning Path Work?

  • Assess

    Use Classworks assessments or integrate results from one of our partners. Student performance drives the development of a learning plan tailored to the student needs.

  • Generate

    While lessons are automatically generated by Classworks, you also have the flexibility to customize each student’s instructional plan.

  • Instruct

    Each lesson includes direct instruction, practice activities and games, and a formative check. If students have difficulty, additional activities are provided to ensure success.

  • Monitor

    Powerful reporting helps you make instructional adjustments for students as needed. 

Classworks partners with a number of well-regarded, third-party assessment sources, including NWEA.

Mastering Real-World Skills

We help you prepare students for real world success. Our skill-based instructional units are designed for real-world concept mastery. They integrate research-based methods and strategies and are structured just right for independent practice, whether in an individualized learning path, custom assignment or homework. As the teacher approaches a key skill or concept, components offer support in a variety of engaging ways.

  • Direct Instruction

    Introduce subject matter with 2-3 minute segments that teachers can also use in classrooms.

  • Activities and Games

    Extend learning and practice for unit skills with interactive activities that differentiate instruction by learning style.

  • Formative Assessment

    Confirm skill mastery with 10 questions. If students do not master the quiz on the first attempt, they are automatically moved into review activities.

  • Additional Activities and Teacher Alerts

    Help students conquer unit objectives with new activities, designed to approach the objective from another perspective or address building-block skills. Activities may increase visual/auditory clues or use a more concrete way of teaching the material.

Customer Testimonials

Motivating middle school students is sometimes difficult. Using Classworks has gotten students excited about learning.

Anne Lamb, Teacher
Louisville Middle School, Jefferson County School District, GA

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