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Rigor. Depth. Mastery.

Add rigor to your lesson plans. Prepare students for today’s high stakes tests. Classworks standards-aligned classroom resources support teachers with differentiated instruction across key content areas.

We’ve got your standards covered! Classworks reading and math classroom lessons are built to Common Core and College and Career Ready standards.

Powerful tools help students develop conceptual understanding and achieve deep mastery. Teacher resources are available for each lesson, including talking points, common misconceptions, suggested manipulatives, and more.

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Integrated Reading

New reading activities to help students reach the high levels of reading achievement expected today. 

Integrated Reading texts cover a variety of genres with a focus on informational texts. They’re designed for weekly direct instruction with 36 reading activities per grade, in grades 1-8.

Lessons include text-dependent and open-ended questions, paired passages, and interactive tools to build comprehension.

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Applied Mathematics


Applied Mathematics K-8 activities help the teacher present their grade-level standards at differentiated levels.

Each activity includes a critique and precision problem to ensure the mathematical practice standards are inherent in every classroom, every day.



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Digital Classroom Tools

To be successful in this day and age, students need to be comfortable finding, citing, solving and defending their answers using digital tools. We’re on it, with a variety of resources that enhance student learning: online notepads, calculator, dictionary, number line, and hundreds chart.

  • Notepad: Students can use this tool to record and save ideas or to show evidence for answers.
  • Calculator: With the aid of an online calculator, students can solve simple math problems.
  • Number Line: This invaluable tool helps students visualize number sequences and prove, explain and check their math equation work.
  • Hundreds Chart: An interactive experience that helps students gain comfort with counting, number recognition, patterns, and operations.
  • Dictionary: Students can use the dictionary tool to view definitions and pronunciations of words.

Customer Testimonials

Classworks is one of the most user friendly platforms I've ever seen - it's an "educational ecosystem." Not only are the principals excited, the teachers are thrilled. I've been an educator for over forty years and Classworks has really revitalized my vision for school with our children of technology. It's fun and practical.

Erin Weaver, Deputy Superintendent
Bibb County School District, GA

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