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Classworks K-8, teacher-led interactive reading and math instruction provides BRAND NEW lessons for whole class, small group and centers. Save time with comprehensive, differentiated content built to Common Core and state standards. 

Powerful teacher tools accompany the teacher-led instruction to foster communication and mastery. Teacher support materials are available for lessons including talking points, tips, common misconceptions, and suggested manipulatives.

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Integrated Reading gives you the resources you need to help students reach the high levels of reading achievement expected today.

  • 36 weeks of reading instruction
  • Paired passages; 60% informational passages
  • Open-ended response to gain deeper understanding
  • Passages for fluency, both as daily practice and assessment
  • Texts leveled by Lexile and Flesch-Kincaid grade level
  • Student tools: Dictionary, highlighter, audio support, notes
  • A teacher view with passage sources, distractor rationales for incorrect answers

Applied Mathematics promotes conceptual understanding and helps students reason and communicate mathematically.

  • Worthwhile problems built to new standards
  • Built in differentiation
  • Three levels of problems for each activity
  • Foster mathematical communication and reasoning
  • Students communicate understanding in a variety of ways: audio recording, work canvas, notepad
  • Students analyze, critique, and defend their work and that of other students
  • Teacher support: Talking points/tips, common misconceptions, manipulative suggestions, and more
  • 36 activities per grade for weekly instruction; grades 1-8
  • 22 activities for kindergarten

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my Integrated Reading Free Trial?

You and your students will have access to sample Integrated Reading activities, perfect for weekly use. The Lexiled passages cover a range of genres and topics and include paired passages. 60% of the passages are informational text. Literature is well-represented with folktales, myths, historical fiction, fantasy, and more.

Your class will use interactive tools to make meaning of the texts. Standards-aligned, text-dependent questions and an open response item promote critical thinking and allow students to respond to the text in writing.

What do I get with my Applied Mathematics Free Trial?

You will have access to sample problem solving activities. Each activity contains differentiated problems and an investigative challenge.

Students will use a canvas, digital tools, and embedded hints to solve problems and develop conceptual understanding.

How do I get started in the classroom?

Launch the activities on your interactive white board or with a projector. You can use them weekly to build students’ analytical reading skills and mathematical problem solving abilities. They adapt easily to use in whole and small group instruction, close reads, centers, or independent practice. Use an Integrated Reading passage several times throughout the week to teach multiple standards. The Applied Mathematics activities are designed to help you differentiate your instruction. Check out this video for ideas on how to use them.

To familiarize your students with Classworks, show them this orientation video.

Do the activities work on iPads?


How are my view and functionality different from my students’?

In addition to the activities and digital tools your students see, you will have access to teacher pages and resources found in the Classworks Manager. Log in to customize assignments, review student work in real time, grade open response items for reading and math, and generate reports.

The Integrated Reading Teacher Page and Applied Mathematics Teacher Resource Page provide all the information you need to design learning experiences and evaluate students’ conceptual knowledge.

What Can I Share With Parents?

Keep parents informed through artifacts of learning! You can print the Integrated Reading Results to use in portfolios and document growth. When meeting with parents, review students’ math problem solving to gain insights to their conceptual understanding and even hear their mathematical communication. Parents gain a better understanding of the value of the new practices and standards when they see their children’s increased problem solving capabilities through these activities. Students can also share their My Scores dashboard to send parents a quick update.

What if I need help?

When you are learning how to navigate and use Classworks, click on the question mark at the top right to access Walk Thrus which guide you through common tasks.

Once you log in to Classworks you can visit the Free Trial Resource Page for helpful job aids and videos.

You can also make a reservation for additional assistance.

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