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How it Works

Classworks is the ideal solution to mix technology inside and outside the classroom.

Interactive Education

Classworks instruction enables teachers to introduce concepts in a new and engaging format.

Online Homework

Save valuable teacher time by having homework automatically scored.

College and Career Readiness

Challenge students to develop leadership, problem-solving, ownership, decision making, and collaboration skills.

Personalized Learning

Let students follow their own path, at their own speed. Enhanced technology and multi-media approaches keep students attention.

Individualized Lessons

Automatically provide individualized learning paths based on each students' high stakes test results.

Differentiated Instruction

Give students at all ability levels and with a variety of learning styles the same opportunity to succeed and exceed expectations.

Flipped Classroom

Online lessons with built-in student accountability can be completed at home, freeing up the teacher to do exciting, hands-on activities in the classroom.

I didn’t know how I was going to handle the increased rigor, but Classworks instruction helps me break down a skill so that my whole class can understand and build on it.

Shannon Melton, TeacherGwinnett County Public Schools, GA

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Blended learning. Individualized learning paths. Multiple assessments.

Classworks helps your students keep pace and get ahead. We automatically assess student needs and assign individualized learning paths to each student, making it easy for teachers to captivate and drive success.

Because Classworks takes on the tasks of benchmarks, performing assessments and creating customized lesson plans, teachers spend more time teaching and interacting with their students. 

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