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I didn’t know how I was going to handle the increased rigor, but Classworks instruction helps me break down a skill so that my whole class can understand and build on it.

Shannon Melton, TeacherGwinnett County Public Schools, GA
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It’s time for more breakthroughs, more ‘aha’ moments and more smiles. Classworks is an interactive, online supplemental program that gives teachers the power to make a real difference for every student. It provides on-grade level, rigorous instruction for the classroom and individualized independent instruction for each student. Above all, students learn the value of trying harder, which is the most rewarding lesson of all.

Classworks includes K-8 Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Science instruction plus assessment and productivity tools. And it plays nicely with all your existing systems. So check it out. We have a proven history of transforming classrooms and driving amazing results.

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